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Beginning in 2021, the Taiwan Physical Society will hold popular science lectures in high schools across Taiwan. There are 6 sessions in each semester, each time with synchronous and non-simultaneous live broadcast, allowing multiple schools in Taiwan to participate at the same time. Through the way of switching home and away games, urban and rural high schools can receive the latest science education together, and learn together and benefit together.

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The Physical Society of the Republic of China


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During the year-long activities of "Happy Learning Alliance", a total of 10 professors from major universities were invited to lecture in high schools. Additionally, 4,898 books were donated for public welfare to 17 schools. The total distance traveled reached 1,050 kilometers, equivalent to one and a half laps around Taiwan. The Taiwan Physical Society and the Bimonthly Journal of Physics hope to popularize physics through the activities of "樂學萌". The goal is to cultivate scientific knowledge in the younger generation and provide them with an opportunity to have close interactions with front-line research scholars. Through these exchanges, they hope to spark interest in physics. Schools participating in this alliance take turns acting as the "home" venue, while other schools join via live broadcasts over the internet and interact with the speakers. Even if they cannot participate synchronously, they can still join the activities asynchronously by watching the recordings and filling out study forms.
Schools that participated in this event include: Hsinchu Girls' High School, Chiayi High School, National Yuanli Senior High School, Xinwu High School, Taipei Municipal University of Education Affiliated High School (NTNU Affiliated High School), Fengyuan High School, Daxi High School, Tamkang High School, Huxi Junior High School in Penghu, and Nankan High School, totaling ten institutions. Notably, the event also featured a lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Takaaki Kajita, the Director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

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