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Taiwan is our home and where we grew up. Let us create a sustainable Taiwan by building on a firm foundation of basic science. With our passion and through hard work, we will be able to create a better future not only for Taiwan, but also the world.

IYBSSD@TAIWAN Develop Taiwan

Through a series of "IYBSSD@TAIWAN Develop Taiwan" events, we hope to achieve the following four major goals:

  • Science for AllRegardless of the birth, social status, region or gender of the participants, everyone is essential for the development of basic science.
  • Science CultivationThe Importance of the Cultivation of Scientific Talents/Basic Science. The rooting of science education can induce interest in scientific research and encourage people to pursue science-related careers. Scientific methods can be used in many areas of life while also providing learners an education on civic responsibility and autonomy.
  • Public EngagementThe development of scientific research and innovation is the primary factor in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) around the world, with funding for R&D programs in many countries around the world, contributing to economic and international influence. In the Taiwan response activities, the activities demonstrated this goal, and promoted the participation of the whole people to share the results and take root in science.
  • International ConnectionsTo enhance the connection between Taiwan and the international community and the exchange of basic science through local activities involving international organizations IUPAP and IUPA. Promote a stronger partnership between Taiwan and the international community.

  • Hollow Droplet: Activity Commencing Announcement
  • Solid Droplet: Achievement Sharing

Every Hollow Droplet is a beginning for a scientific activity,
After the completion of the activity, the droplet will turn solid,
representing its nourishing of a sustainable future for sciences.

Everyone is invited to participate in the activity. Click to learn more if you are interested.

Are you also interested in nourishing Taiwan with science!?
Find a droplet you are interested in and come join us.

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