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Event Date | 2023/03/07 Address | American Physical Society (APS)

The \Taiwan Night\event is hosted every year in the March Meeting held by the American Physical Society (APS), bringing together Chinese in the physics community at home and abroad. In addition to providing a platform for academic exchanges, it also attracts overseas Outstanding Chinese returned to Taiwan to contribute their strengths.

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The Physical Society of the Republic of China


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Preshool to high school students


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The "Taiwan Night" event in 2023 was successfully held at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS), and it achieved remarkable results. This annual event serves as an important academic exchange platform, providing an opportunity for Chinese physicists to connect with each other and share their research findings.

The successful organization of the "Taiwan Night" event not only showcases Taiwan's excellent research capabilities in the field of physics but also attracts outstanding overseas Chinese scholars to return to Taiwan and contribute their expertise. During the event, participating scholars engaged in in-depth academic exchanges, sharing their research accomplishments, professional insights, and innovative ideas. Such interactions contribute to broadening the participants' perspectives, promoting international academic collaborations, and advancing the development of basic science.

In the "Taiwan Night" event, Taiwanese physicists presented their research achievements in various fields. Their research encompassed frontier areas such as quantum physics, condensed matter physics, and particle physics, demonstrating Taiwan's breakthrough advancements and innovative outcomes in these domains. Participating scholars introduced the latest research trends in the Taiwanese physics community to other attendees through presentations, poster displays, and other formats, stimulating participants' thoughts and discussions.

The successful organization of the "Taiwan Night" event not only consolidates the strength of Taiwanese physicists but also enhances Taiwan's reputation in the international academic community. Through such international exchange activities, Taiwan's expertise and innovative capabilities in the field of basic science receive greater recognition. This has long-term implications for promoting Taiwan's research environment and technological innovation.

The event facilitates the promotion of international academic collaborations, the advancement of basic science, and the enhancement of Taiwan's position and reputation in the international academic community. It is hoped that similar events will continue to be organized in the future, promoting the vigorous development of basic science in Taiwan and contributing to global sustainability.

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