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Yunlin Plays Yunlin GO Technology Creative Science

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/25 Address |

In response to the 8th National Science Day and the results of the Yunlin County Science Exhibition, the Yunlin Science Festival cooperates with the National Taiwan Science Education Center to assist science education in primary and secondary schools and inspire the public to understand and care about science; Go outside the museum and send the science education resources in the science and education museum to Yunlin County.
The purpose of this activity is to promote science and knowledge among primary and secondary school students in Gengen County, stimulate their curiosity and spirit of inquiry through technology experience activities, so that the teachers and students of primary and secondary schools in this county and the community can have the opportunity to share and benefit; and provide pick-up service for schools in remote areas , so that urban and rural science education can develop in a balanced manner, hoping to achieve the goal of popularizing and rooting science education through high-quality science and education activities.
1. Flagship area: 2 mobile science and education tour vehicles, showing the operation experience of 3D low-carbon action cinema and science tour vehicle exhibits.
2. Theme experience area:
(1) Science and education experience practice area: 10 booths supported by the Science and Education Museum, and 2 creative science booths supported by the Science Museum.
(2) Huke Science Popularization Zone: There are 10 scientific game booths in total between Huwei University of Science and Technology and Huwei High School.
(3) National Science Zone: The primary and secondary schools in the county apply to set up booths, and there are 16 science game booths in total.
(4) Science and Technology Center: There are 6 booths set up by the county's smart education center and 5 science and technology center schools.
3. Propaganda Zone: Groups from all walks of life, parents of students, community members and the local technology industry will participate in this grand event, providing richer and more diverse activities.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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National Formosa University

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Yunlin GO Technology Creative Cyani Science Carnival On September 25, 111, in cooperation with the Yunlin County Government and National Tigerwei University of Science and Technology, it was lively in Tongxin Park in the Huwei Sugar Plant, which attracted many county people and primary and secondary school teachers and students Participate. President Zhang Xinliang instructed the United Nations to set the 2022 as "Basic Science Promoting the Sustainable Development International Year IYBSSD". The Taiwan "enables the public to understand the inseparable connection between basic science and sustainable development. It is in line with the four core themes of the Taiwan series, including scientific equal rights, scientific enlightenment, participation of the whole people, and international links. At this event, 51 scientific game booths include physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and emerging technology. The science garden tour was assisted by President Wang Shengcan of Huwei Junior High School, and 10 stalls support from 18 schools including Anqing Elementary School, including Anqing Elementary School, including Anqing Elementary School, and 6 Life Technology in Yunlin County. And self -made center, science and education museum and Science and Technology Hall. I hope that through this activity, I look forward to inspiring the correct concepts, interests and creative spirit of parents, teachers and students in the school through the scientific game of scientific game operations, and no longer afraid of the disciplines in the scientific field, so that life science education can be more can be more In order to popularize the promotion and improve the goal of scientific education to root in Yunlin primary and secondary schools, it also allows more people, parent -child, and school teachers and students to inspire the interests of primary and secondary schools in the county in this county's interest in science, so that the teachers and students of primary and secondary schools in this county, so that they can allow the inquiry of science in science and let the primary and secondary schools of primary and secondary schools make science inquiry, so that let Science and science and technology knowledge takes root.

Number of Participants2,000

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