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The Sunday science master series lectures will be held from 10:00 am to 12:00 am on Sunday. The main goal is to focus on the frontier scientific progress and research spirit of mass communication. More teachers and young students are invited to participate in the feast of popular science courses for teachers and students. Share experiences with each other; organize essay solicitation activities, invite audiences and teachers and students from various schools to participate, so that science lectures are no longer just listening, but also bring new knowledge of popular science to the hearts of the public

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Goal 14: Life below water


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development of NSTC/ National Cheng Kung University

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No one is observed by underwater lenses. It is not taken to take pictures of the sea under the sea, which reduces a lot of interference. The marine protected area is divided into three levels: first -level protection is forbidden to enter or influence; second -level protection is "prohibited capture"; third -level protection is "partition multifunctional use". In the early days of Wanghai Lane, it was a place to exchange things with the Aboriginal people. It was a very complete bay. The protected area contained 15 hectares, which was full of many conservation animals. Sexual marine environment and marine animals to understand environmental ecological changes. Some professors have found that if the coral falls into the beach, the result will grow better, which means that the sponge is the natural nanny of corals! In addition, it is found that the puffer fish has a special breeding behavior. A mother -in -law puffer fish, there will be many male puffer fish next to them. Through the underwater lens, these precious pictures are observed. Because of the impact of the epidemic, it was found that the speed of the fish became different. Perhaps it was because tourists became less and the fish on the bottom of the sea became leisure. Director Chen also introduced that a conservation patrol team was established with local residents, fishermen and marine volunteers to protect this conservation area. At the beginning, some people did not know that animals in the conservation area could not catch, and gradually, through the patrol team’s Supervision, animals in the conservation area have also gained more secure space.

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