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The Reading the Science Masters Sunday Lecture Series

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/16 Address | National Science and Technology Museum

The Reading the Science Masters Sunday Lecture Series invites outstanding scientific researchers to share their work in a popular science format in the lecture room of South Complex, National Science and Technology Museum. These lectures are also availabl

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Goal 4: Quality education Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development of NSTC/ National Cheng Kung University

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COVID-19 has affected us for nearly three years. What updates do we need in epidemic prevention to achieve the best protection? According to WHO's release on Twitter, our breathing is an important action to maintain life, but in the other hand, we die because of our current facts. In the past, the virus transmission path that everyone knew in the past has contact spread, droplets transmission, or air transmission, also known as air gum transmission. The dissemination ability of particles is significant to the size of the particles. It is related to the distance between the size and size of various particle size. As early as history, some scholars have suggested that the spread of viruses in air is difficult to prevent. Therefore, he strongly appealed that we should pay more attention to hygiene, wash our hands, and keep cleaning. Until in recent years, WHO has confirmed that "qi glue" is the main reason for the spread of viruses. It has officially announced that the mask can effectively prevent the risk of infection in 2020, and it is believed that the reasons for the main communication of COVID-19.

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