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The summer exploration experience camp

Event Date | 2022/08/25 - 2022/08/26 Address |

The activity emphasizes \exploratory learning\ and \participatory learning.\ The summer exploration experience camp provides students with the ability to learn self-exploration. Through the recognition of sensors and output modules, students' situational awareness can be enhanced, and they can respond to situations correctly. They can correctly recognize emerging technologies and cultivate new technological literacy. Basic block-style programming is used to train students' focus and problem-solving abilities, and combined with the observation of modified numerical conditions, it can help them understand and enhance their learning and fun in event cognition. Participating in this peer-to-peer learning camp activity can also cultivate creative thinking skills for more students.

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Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality


Science Cultivation

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National Formosa University

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The Education Department of the Yunlin County Government has entrusted the National Tigerwei University of Science and Technology for many years to plan a camping -type activity that belongs to the gifted education type. The battalions have been loved by students from all towns and towns in Quanyunlin over the years. This year, the theme of choosing the most hoped for students from the questionnaire this year will be selected as the theme of the activities that students want to participate. It can successfully avoid the function of obstacle avoidance in the car, so as to improve the ability of students to speculate and logic by exploring and learning. Consortium legal person Fengtai Culture and Education Foundation provides some Micro-Bit development films to make this event smoothly and provide opportunities for students to develop creativity. In 2022, the "Genius Summer Science Camp", which was handled by the National Tigerwei University of Science and Technology, had a total of 51 students from the Fourteen Schools of Fourteen Schools of Yunlin County to participate in the seventh-junior high school junior high school. These students are important roles in the future. The 15 teaching assistants from the camp are all students from the Precision Machinery Department of the Fifth College of the School. Through their peers with their peers, they have allowed students to cultivate their knowledge and attitudes to cooperate with others. Students can operate and play with their own hands, and solve the puzzle through the logic of programming, and learn the knowledge of computer. The entire main axis spirit emphasizes STEM teaching methods, allowing students to "do it", "do Zhongle" and "Lezhong School "Learn new things and increase the breadth of knowledge. At the same time, this is also the development of the best training mode in the students 'learning process in the 108 lecture, so that students' learning trajectory and learning results can be more positioned.

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