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Science Teaching Material Innovation Design workshop

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/14 Address |

The competition aims to encourage teachers and students to engage in science teaching material development, and make use of them in their classrooms.
It will provide more tools for inquiry and practice-based instruction.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

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Ken Special Management was designed by Mr. Kent, a physicist in Germany in 1866. He was mounted in the transparent tube. Now he is used to replace the wood chips with Polylon ball and seal one end of the tube. The Paulong ball in the tube will shock with the sound. Because the sound is the longitudinal wave, the waves that enter into the tube and the waves that encounter the reflection of the seal will interfere with each other to form the waves. At this time, the pipe is in the tube. It can be observed in the waves and nodes formed by the waves. The wave bag is a position where the two waves are encountered and the vibration is enhanced. And both sides of the wave bag are nodes.nWe can use the sound waves that enter a specific frequency (F) to form a wave bag. When the shame is specially managed to form two waves, the length (L) of Kenye (L) is equal to the wavelength (λ) of the sound wave, and the speed of the sound (v) is: V = F × λ, that is, the frequency is multiplied with the wavelength. TINKERCAD is a free 3D modulus based on the network browser as the operating platform. It has now become an entry -level application for creating 3D printing modeling. This study is introducing how to use Tinkercad to carry out practical design and production of Ken Special Tube Module.n

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