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Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/28 Address | Zhongzheng Junior High School in New Taipei City

National Taiwan Ocean University will hold a physics exploration workshop at Zhongzheng Junior High School in New Taipei City on October 28th. This event is funded by the National Science and Technology Commission. Professor Zhou Xiangshun from the Department of Photonics at NTOU and teacher Xiao Rutang from the National Education Institute will lead the students to make handheld spectrometers, wall-penetrating devices, and double-cone roller physics teaching aids, and explore their principles. The teaching team will use entertaining methods to guide students to explore the wonders of physics, implementing the core spirit of the 108 curriculum \competency-based curriculum design.\

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Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

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Experimental Demonstrations


NTOU-National Taiwan Ocean University

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National Taiwan Ocean University held a physical inquiry work in Zhongzheng Middle School, New Taipei City on October 28. The event was subsidized by the National Science and Technical Committee. Professor Zhou Xiangshun of the Department of Optoelectronics and Xiao Rangtang, the National Education Academy, led students to make many physics teaching aids and explore their principles. The following is a student's message on Facebook: "Today's course has benefited me a lot. I can learn some knowledge that I don't know when I first class. I guess the special spectrometer should be expensive, but I am You can simply make a good and convenient spectrometer. During the assembly process, I am really afraid that I will do it wrong, but fortunately there is no. Although the steps are simple, they still encounter the surface by hand when installing the light grid. After assembling, we started to be curious about how to use it. The teacher said that we can try to put the spectrometer towards the lamp. My hand holds the spectrometer and slowly lifts up. There are seven -colored rainbow, which is the first time I see the seven -color rainbow so clearly. The next activity is my favorite. A transparent tube contains two plastic films and a marbles. Beads have passed through the wall. This experiment is really interesting, not only knowing some small knowledge, but also let us know better. The original wave of light is so interesting. Many times, I knew in the small explanation of the teacher. In fact, he still ran down just looking up, making me feel amazing. Thank you and the teachers for letting me learn so much.

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