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Hands-on Popular Science Activity – Taking the Experiment to School

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/16 Address |

Science education includes teaching basic knowledge and practical applications in daily life. By allowing students to create their own solar-powered scooters, we hope to provide a hands-on experience that reinforces their knowledge, helps them accumulate experience, and encourages them to find techniques and methods that work best for them, sparking their creativity and critical thinking skills. By increasing visits to actual solar panel farms, students can see how their newly learned knowledge can be applied in real-life situations, observe differences and compare examples, and further stimulate their learning motivation and interest.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy


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Experimental Demonstrations


National Chi Nan University

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Disadvantaged groups


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The planning team arranged for students to visit the semiconductor laboratory and motor department MAKER self -made space for students manufactured by solar panels in the morning. In college, the team also hopes to give a dream and vision for children in the hometown. Every day, each student from their concentrated eyes and clever production revealed self -confidence and sense of accomplishment. In addition, some students were afraid of laboratory. They were very surprised and were afraid of entering the experiment at first. Go to visit the room, but after speaking and experimental steps, there are completely subverting imaginations!nFirst of all, explain the parts that assembled solar vehicles, and let students think about how to generate the future car body in the future after the next 50 years. After the knowledge, let the students come out of the solar father -in -law to shoot electricity outdoors, and make small contests for continuing aerial power as the perfect end of the basic knowledge of the morning theory.nIn the afternoon, the solar panel clean energy happy farm visit course: from the lecturer to explain with the participating teachers and students, where to use from the power generation, how to store energy, and send the electricity? Practice! Although the content of the 6 -hour course can bring you the content, although it is very limited, if there is this opportunity to help the students open a new window and find a road that is different from the past. The science popularization camp brings students' gains.

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