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20th Reading the Science Masters Sunday Lecture Series

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/02 - 2022/12/11 Address |

The Reading the Science Masters Sunday Lecture Series invites outstanding scientific researchers to share their work in a popular science format in the lecture room of South Complex, National Science and Technology Museum. These lectures are also availabl

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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National Science and Technology Museum

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Telephone Number

07 380 0089


In this event, we were fortunate to host 16 complete scientific lectures. The speakers introduced the latest progress and research results in the current scientific field to the participants, and shared their research experience and experience. Through feedback surveys of participants, we learned that these lectures brought rich knowledge and inspiration to the participants.

The 16 complete scientific lectures we held on the participants had a positive impact on the participants. These lectures have allowed them to learn many new knowledge and experience, and deeply understand the importance of science to our lives and society. The success of the lecture, in addition to the professional knowledge and explanation skills of the speakers, must also be attributed to the careful preparations and organizations of the organizer. Before the event, we communicated closely with the speakers to determine the themes and contents of each lecture to ensure that they meet the expectations and needs of participants. We also use various channels, such as social media and email notifications to widely publicize these lectures to attract more participants.

During the event, we also arranged professional staff to be responsible for the organization and management of the scene to ensure the smooth progress of the event. We also provide rich learning resources and reference materials, allowing participants to further learn and deepen the relevant scientific fields.

Number of Participants3,000

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