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Event Date | 2022/09/17 Address | National Central University

What are the unique features of modern professional wind turbines? How does wind power generation work? Our goal is to use green energy and environmentally-friendly power generation to allow the earth to breathe and no longer be polluted by human activities. However, we have only seen wind turbines standing on the beach. Therefore, we invited Professor Chou Chien-heng to lead the children in making wind turbines and learning about wind power generation.

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The world is full of various windmills and a variety of appearances and shapes, such as the rural Dutch windmill. What is the special thing about modern windmills that stand on the coast and use wind power? Teacher Zhou Jianheng, who was invited to the School of Aeronautics and Engineering of the University of Science and Technology, led big friends and children to learn the principle of rotation of windmills in a practical and inquiry manner.nWhat makes people's eyes bright is that in order to attract students' learning interest, Teacher Zhou will use various models to explain the difficult and difficult physical knowledge. This time, he also used the carefully made aircraft, sailboats, and various style of windmill models to explain to parents and children's mechanics systems around the wings, sails and windmill blades. The rotation of windmills and so on, with a fairly interesting commentary and atmosphere full of affinity, show the difficulty of fluid mechanics through a simpler way, so that everyone present can clearly understand the magic of the windmill.nIn the second half of the event, Teacher Zhou also prepared DIY courses to guide parents to lead their children to make their own modern windmills, so that children can learn more about mysteries and mystery hidden behind the back, even the actual operation process, and even the mystery, even Being able to integrate, come up with more novel ideas, and achieve the goal of inquiry. In addition to the warm interaction between parent -child, Teacher Zhou will also personally guide the children to produce and answer various questions, so that teachers and students are full of harmonious exchanges.

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