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  • Science education activity: Virtual Reality in the Metaverse/Stereoscopic technology realization

Science education activity: Virtual Reality in the Metaverse/Stereoscopic technology realization

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/08/02 - 2022/08/04 Address | Taiwan

Science education activity: Virtual Reality in the Metaverse/Stereoscopic technology realization

Science education activity: Virtual Reality in the Metaverse/Stereoscopic technology realization
The goal of this project is to use science education activities to help junior high and elementary school students understand the technology behind the virtual reality in the metaverse. By illuminating the technological aspects of the virtual \\vision\\ of the metaverse, this project aims to spark the imagination and creativity of children and enable them to gain an early understanding of technological innovation and the operational models of future worlds. Through practical learning, students will understand how this technology produces the effect of the virtual reality in the metaverse, with the evolution and workings of the human eye being a crucial factor in its implementation. The project is divided into four parts: (1) Understanding the optical system and structure of the eye - the little optometrist chapter (2) Simple stereoscopic vision fusion experiments - the little experimentalist chapter (3) Realizing the virtual \\vision\\ of the metaverse - designing and creating one's own virtual reality glasses chapter (4) Little universe creators in the virtual world of the metaverse - video creation chapter. Through the experimental process, participants will find the most suitable virtual reality glasses for themselves and address the issue of not being able to wear them for long periods of time. Ultimately, in the first year of the metaverse, this project aims to plant the seeds of the metaverse deep in the hearts of the students, to be developed and created in various fields as they grow in age and wisdom and gain deeper and wider theoretical knowledge.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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Experimental Demonstrations





Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology - Department of Optometry

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Preshool to high school students


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8/2 came to Longtian Elementary School to implement the 111 Ministry of Science and Technology plan "the virtual vision of the Yuan universe-the realization of the three-dimensional visual virtual reality". Combined with the game interaction, children are curious and understand the mystery of science. In the hot summer vacation, they can also play science and long knowledge. Integrate the "double eye visual function" into the game, combined with group competitions, everyone helps and cultivate tacit understanding, and it is fun to play. They also better understand the comfort and importance of our eyes to our lives.n8/3 understand the basic structure and principles of the eyes, as well as "the principle of eye imaging". In addition to myopia and hyperopia, when the two axis of the eyes of the eyes are different, there will be two different focal lines on the bottom of the eyes, causing a visual ambiguity. At this time, the "astigmatism number" needs to be added to truly correct the eyes Vague sense, obtain clear visual quality.n8/4 teaches you the most powerful ability in visual imaging- "three-dimensional vision". In addition to seeing the eyes, you have to see clearly, and you are vivid. These capabilities need to rely on the "plane-melting image-forming three-dimensional vision" of the eyes. Our visual life adds a sense of richness. Combined with the rapid development of technology, the design principle of the virtual reality is based on the eyes of both eyes. With some micro visual differences in the eyes, it is projected to the bottom of the eye to the cerebral cortex. The distance from the front car, the distance of the basket when shooting, and so on. The ordinary things in the above life are all "three -dimensional vision fascinating."n

Number of Participants400

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