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High School Students from Fangliao Participate in a Joint Technology and Humanities Visit Activity /

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/25 Address | Fangliao

In order to shorten the gap of educational resources between urban and rural areas and promote science and humanities education, this \IYBSSD 2022 Basic Science Support for Rural Areas\ event is planned. The event is led by the director of the Fangliao Township Library and the principal of Fangliao Senior High School, and takes the school's students to visit the National Museum of Science and Technology and the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

The visit activity includes two major aspects: understanding and experiencing the importance of science knowledge and sustainable resource issues. Through the \Sunday Reading Science Master Series Lecture\ content presented by the speakers, \hands-on experience and experimentation,\ and visiting the \Wildlife Conservation Center\ and \Smart Agriculture Center\ at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, it aims to cultivate and strengthen the basic scientific knowledge of rural students, convey relevant knowledge and information on conservation education, and understand the importance of using smart agriculture technology for sustainable development.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 2: Zero hunger Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 13: Climate action Goal 15: Life on land Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement、International Connections

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations



National Science and Technology Museum

Event Audience

Preshool to high school students


Telephone Number

(08)770-3202 #7558/08-8782012#26


In order to shorten the gap between urban and rural education resources and implement the education of science and humanistic care, we plan to handle the "IYBSSD 2022 Basic Science Supporting Rural Activities" activity. The event was visited by President Chen of the Township Library of the Township Hall and Pingtung County Pingtong Senior Middle School.nVisiting activities include two major aspects: understanding the importance of scientific knowledge and sustainability of resources. The content of the speaker lecture on the "Sunday Reading Science Master Series", "Experience Science & Hand -Handicated Operation" and visit the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology's "Conservation Wild Animal Access Center" and "Smart Agricultural Center" activities, cultivate and cultivate Strengthen the knowledge of basic scientific knowledge of students, and to transmit conservation education and information and understand the importance of agricultural intelligent science and technology operations towards sustainable development.

Number of Participants35

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