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Let's Play Science at National Cheng Kung University

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/24 Address | NCKU

\Let's Play Science at National Cheng Kung University - What is Diatomaceous Earth? September 2022

50-minute hands-on experiment + 40-minute science fair experience

#COVID-19 precautions

Participants who are not affiliated with the university must have received the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine (1 dose for those under 18), or provide proof of negative result from a rapid test taken within 3 days prior to the event, and comply with related epidemic prevention measures. The use of KUAP is recommended when entering the campus.
Masks must be worn throughout the duration of the course (please bring your own).
The event will be held in two sessions. Participants can choose the time slot based on their needs. Each session is limited to 48 people (up to 3 people can register for each session), and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
#Safety Measures

What is Diatomaceous Earth?
Have you noticed the popularity of diatomaceous earth coasters and foot pads in recent years? They are said to absorb water instantly and are made from natural diatomaceous earth, making them eco-friendly. But what exactly is diatomaceous earth? Why does it have such effects? Does diatomaceous earth have any other functions? \Let's Play Science\ will introduce you to diatomaceous earth and guide you in making your own diatomaceous earth coaster and air freshener. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Location: Science Education Center, National Cheng Kung University (2nd floor of the Physical Science Building on the Tainan campus)
Speaker: Associate Professor En-Ruei Lee (Department of Earth Sciences)
#Event Schedule
Event Date: September 24th (Saturday) from 2:00 to 5:00 pm (two sessions, please register for one)
Registration Date: September 16th (Friday) at 1:00 pm sharp
Registration Link: Online registration (Please note the latest information on the Science Education Center's Facebook page, to be announced on March 18th at 1:00 pm)
Fee: Free
#This event is supported by the National Science Council's Science Education Project, and the number of participants is limited. First come, first served.

#Session 1: 2:00-3:20 pm
#Session 2: 3:30-4:50 pm

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Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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Experimental Demonstrations



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The first "Chengda Science and Education Center-Come and go to Da Play Science" activity in the new semester appeared strongly!nToday, Professor Li Enrui, the Department of Science and Technology of Cheng Dadi, will be invited to share with you, "What soil is the diatom soil?", Teacher Li started with simple experiments to let big friends and children prepare diatom soil and gypsum (and secret spices and pigments) themselves. Make the fragrant "scentstone" and "diatom cushion", and then explain the differences and uses of gypsum powder and diatom powder (which one is slippery, which one is a bit small? )!nIn the Classroom and Science and Education Center, there is a team of college student volunteers led by Professor Xu Ruirong (former Director of the Center) to introduce a variety of interesting popular science experiments and instruments, so that everyone can learn interesting science from hands -on. Knowledge!nI believe everyone has a full afternoon full of scientific knowledge and happiness! Please tell you, invite everyone to be a guy together, and participate in the science and education center's "Come and go to play a big play science" (and other activities!), Please also give us more advice and suggestions to let us continue to improve! Please also pay more attention to our fan page and continue to register!

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