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Event Date | 2022/10/22 Address | Science Education Center at National Central University

We, as a physics department, specialize in cultivating witches, wizards, scientists, and engineers. Today, let's experience some simple physics magic tricks together. We will play a few physics magic tricks that we encounter in daily life, including magic of space, magic of air, magic of force and balance, rainbow magic, and magic of batteries and magnets. Through these tricks, let's remember the three great wizards and witches: Newton, Tesla, and Skłodowska-Curie, and enter the worlds they created. We welcome all magic girls and wizard apprentices to join us. Annarasumanara.\ (Note: \Annarasumanara\ is a Korean phrase and has no direct English translation. It is a title of a Korean webtoon about magic and illusion.)

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Science Education Center at National Central University

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I believe that everyone has longed for the magic world in novels and movies. Those words and pictures described and presented in the screen not only increased our imagination of this ordinary world, but also enriched our infinite possible creativity. This time, Professor Zou Zhongyi, director of the Department of Optoelectronic Physics, China Cultural University, known as "Professor Beard Lala", and was invited to the "Holiday Science Plaza" organized by Director Zhu Qingqi, Director of Science Education Center of the School of Science and Education of Central University, leading everyone into his physical magic The world is immersed in the atmosphere of exploring magical physical phenomena. This event also responded to the United Nations' "Basic Science Promotion International Year" activity, looking forward to taking root in science and sustainable development. From the beginning of Bai Nuoli, Mr. Zou blown the coins from different angles to let the coins fly from the table and turn it over. With such an interesting demonstration, it stimulates everyone's curiosity. Principle. Next, use the flashlight to illuminate the light disc, and produce the effect of rainbow through the light, which surprises everyone. The entire event site is also warm under such light effects. The entire event uses common items in daily life: coins, banknotes, treasure bottle, alcohol, discs and atomic pen, etc., Teacher Zou uses simple physical principles to create various scientific toys to show their creativity. Under the leadership of Professor Beard Lara, the mystery of physics is deeply physically. I believe that no matter whether it is a big and small friend who participated in the event at the scene, or the netizens who have the own materials at home, they have spent a happy weekend afternoon!

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