2022 Marie Curie Science Camp

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/07/08 - 2022/07/11 Address | National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) Linkou Campus

The overall theme of the 2022 Camp is “Climate Change and Sustainability,” which includes three major themes: sustainable agriculture technology, zero waste resource recycling, and green chemistry. Top scientists will be invited to give lectures and share their ideas, and thematic forums are planned to create opportunities for collaborative dialogue. The course also includes teaching and hands-on experience of scientific experiments, promotion of experimental design in the spirit of green chemistry, visits to higher research institutions and presentation of students' creative achievements.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science Cultivation

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations


Academia Sinica

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

Chemical Society Located in Taipei (CSLT)

Chang Chau-Ting Memorial Foundation

Event Audience

high school students


Chang Chau-Ting Memorial Foundation

Telephone Number

(02) 55728574


The 2022 Mrs. Juli High School Chemical Camp was held at the Linkou Campus of Taiwan Normal University from July 8th to 11th. The theme of this event was "change and sustainability". Hosted by the Central Research Institute, the National Taiwan Normal University, the Consortium's legal person Zhang Zhaoding Memorial Foundation, the Society of the Society of the Society of the Chinese Chemistry Association, combined with the original Institute of the Institute of Chinese Research, the Department of Chemistry and Promotion of Taiwan Normal University The efforts of the teachers and students and staff of the Yuanzhe Science Education Foundation and other units planned 5 special speeches, 1 session of the Midsummer night talks with scientists and entrepreneurial homes, 5 practical experiments, lunch with TSMC scientists, visits, visits, and visits Wonderful and unforgettable activities such as the Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, group competitions and results publication. I was honored to invite Dean Liao Junzhi, Academician Yu Shumei (Institute of Molecular Biological Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chen Yu Gao's special researcher (the Environmental Change Research Center), Chen Kelun (Taiwan Yongguang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) and Ling Yongjian (Tsinghua University The Department of Chemistry of University) attended the speech. > "Sustainable Agricultural Skills", "Climate Change", "Circular Sustainable" and "Green Chemistry". Practice experiments include three breakthroughs in challenging bead cubes (cuberane molecules) and advanced challenging gold, conductivity and trace titration method, chemical molecular structure and nature, as well as in optical methods The dynamics of the reaction, the phenolite-acid-base fixed method measures two theme experiments such as the carbon dioxide content in the air.

Number of Participants163

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