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20th Sunday Science Reading Master

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/25 Address |

The highly popular slime, which is beloved by children, is here! Perhaps you have seen it or even made it, but do you know the science behind it? The first event of the 20th Sunday Science Reading Master is coming soon, and in accordance with the lecture topic, the National Museum of Science and Technology will launch the \Slime Hands-On\ activity on the morning of the event, allowing you to learn the science behind it through fun experiences. Join us with your family on September 25th (Sunday) at the Museum of Science and Technology to make fun and stress-relieving slime together!

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 1: No poverty Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality


Science Cultivation

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Experimental Demonstrations


National Science and Technology Museum

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The first lecture on Sunday Reading on Sunday debuted on September 25th (Sun). Before listening to the speech that day, the Science and Technology Museum was loved by children and has a very popular "Slim's hands -on" activity. The atmosphere at the scene allows big friends and children to make fun and relaxed slime together!nThe material only needs to prepare glue, saturated boric acid solution and pigment, first adjust the color you want to make, drip in the glue and stir well, then slowly drip the boric acid solution into the color glue carefully, and repeat the process until the glue is repeated until the glue is repeated until the glue is repeated until the glue is repeated until the glue is repeated. After starting without sticking to your hands, you can pick up and rub the slime. The people participating in the experience of the experience can understand what the cross -linking role is, and the scientific principles behind it!nThis activity materials are simple. The saturated boric acid solution can be replaced by contact lens care solution and physiological saline (to prepare soda powder), which not only increases parent -child interaction, but also allows children to learn scientific principles in the process. It is suitable for doing it. DIY activity of middle school!

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