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Professional Development Workshop for Elementary Science Teachers of Taitung County

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/05 Address |

From September to December: For elementary school teachers of Taitung County, 3 sessions per month; March to June the following year, for elementary schools teachers of Taitung County, 3 sessions per month.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


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National Taitung University Science Education Center

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Today, on October 5th, I went to Pu Shan Elementary School to conduct a diversified ability workshop in the field of natural sciences in primary and secondary schools. From this simple small toy let teachers know how to convert kinetic energy into elastic energy energy, although it is simple small thing, it can be explained many physical phenomena, such as rolling on the table with a elastic ball, you can think of frictional force on the table. The role of the role can be brought into the principle of the tire. The fluid part is mainly based on the air fluid as the main axis. Different pressure differences with the top speed of the top, so that the feathers can be sucked up. In addition, the teacher of Natural Department of the Shan Shan Elementary School also tried to use the cold wind blowing from the air -conditioner to make the feathers suck, and the result was successful. This is also successful. It is also another way to demonstrate the principle of white efforts. Next, the director brought the principle of taking off the aircraft with the leaves of the bamboo dragonfly, so that the teachers also have many mysteries in the simple toys. Use homemade poker launch racks to demonstrate how the magicians shoot their cards with their hands, and then ask the teachers to try to launch with their own hands. Finally Such a strong one, some teachers in this event can put forward some interesting ideas and find ways to achieve it, which can also improve our teaching content.

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