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Conference of the Taiwan Ocean Union

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One of the problems that needs to be resolved in Goal 14 is the access and sharing of oceanic data. The other one is to formulate oceanic management policies based on science. The first theme of the current conference is the integration of databases; we h

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Goal 14: Life below water


Science for All、International Connections

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Taiwan Ocean Union


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The Taiwan Marine Alliance tailored to Taiwan's ten -year scientific initiative. In order to assist the implementation of the initiative and put forward specific practical paths, this year's 2022 Taiwan Ocean Union Conference In order to implement the ten -year initiative of marine science, build action plans in various fields, and formulate specific practice paths to formulate specific practice paths , And with "Ocean-Sustainable, tolerance and Innovation" as the main axis to the detailed agenda in various fields.nThe conference followed the entire annual action plan in different fields, and proposed the "Taiwan Marine Science Development Plan for the River Science" after the meeting. This conference mainly conveys the future marine development planning and statements for the marine academic community to rectify existing scientific research capacity. In the future, marine scholars in the three major areas of engineering, science, and humanities and laws and governments are conference to participate in the meeting. Promote national marine governance.nThis time, based on marine legal governance, the scientific sampling sample ownership and sharing mechanism of the international public sea is discussed, the sharing mechanism of the ownership of the international public sea, promotes the sharing platform of marine observation data, establishes scientific research data sharing and common management mechanisms, and discusses the key testing field, marine observation instruments and our country in China. Study the future development strategy of the ship and implement consistent sampling from the perspective of climate change to build a long -term observation of the marine environment in Taiwan, the collection of valuable marine data, promote the marine science and engineering bridge to connect the marine law, and specifically implement the cross -domain and inter -science of the Taiwan Marine Alliance. The inter -platform task has prompted Taiwan's marine environment to endure, and put into work for the marine environment.

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