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The importance of wind power technology in the transition to net-zero carbon emissions energy.

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/09/08 Address | Taiwan

Our country actively promotes the development of sustainable energy and carbon-neutral technology. The mechanical and electrical engineering team from National Taipei University of Technology designed and planned this project. The team, composed of professional instructors, established three teaching modules: energy saving, energy storage, and energy creation. They vertically linked cross-school teaching resources and horizontally integrated four characteristic technologies of energy, vehicles, machinery, and intelligent automation, along with interdisciplinary technical instructors. The project integrated online and offline, physical and remote teaching strategies, following the Gagne's learning hierarchy concept to enhance the effectiveness of problem-oriented learning.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 13: Climate action


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The College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (CMEE) at Taipei Tech

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Preshool to high school students


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This lecture was shared by Manager Zhang Yongyuan about wind power technology. In recent years, due to carbon dioxide, global extreme climate, energy, environment and economy are the focus of global technology development. Energy fuel burning is the largest source of CO2 is industry and transportation. In order to slow down the speed of global warming, the most direct way is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas. The world's active promotion of net zero emissions is closely related to life. Wind power generation is an important action plan. Wind energy uses windmill blades to pick up wind energy to convert it into mechanical energy. Wind energy use methods include pumping, irrigation, mills, and power generation. Considering the application of wind power: Wind machine site site with excellent wind and geographical conditions, good windishness (long wind period, average wind speed, stable wind power), suitable geographical environment, and convenient transportation to reduce investment costs and increase contribution. Wind power is a clean energy without pollution. However, noise will generate noise when rotation of the leaf rotation. The volume volume is different due to different wind power models, and it will decrease with the distance. The target of offshore wind power 2050, create a zero -carbon energy system, establish a key technology project and technology development sorting and handle planning and external communication.

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