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Rising Women in Ocean II Online Lecture Series

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/19 - 2022/11/02 Address | on line

Rising Women in Ocean II Online Lecture Series/ As the tides ebb and flow, human exploration of the ocean has never ceased. Among the well-known male scientists, there is also a group of female scientists who have been silently dedicating their efforts and contributing results to ocean research. However, their presence is often obscured by the shimmering waves and unknown to outsiders.

Continuing last year's trend, this year the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology continues to invite you to get to know more female ocean scientists in Taiwan, listen to their life stories, and discover Taiwan's female power in the ocean

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality Goal 14: Life below water


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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National Museumof Marine Science & Technology

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In the first game, Dr. Yu Xinyi started from the type of whale dolphin and the current status of the distribution of Taiwanese whale dolphins. He established a outline for the audience to understand the foundation of whale and dolphin, and then brought a change in the development of Taiwan whale dolphin research. "The ocean is very broad, try to try it if you want to try" this is her appeal to young students. At sea, gender is not the main factor to determine whether it can be done.

In addition to sharing his learning history, Professor Chen Qifang, the second National Taiwan University, also shared the research results of the noise monitoring of offshore wind power infrastructure in recent years. For the issue of offshore wind turbines and white dolphins that the public is very concerned about, the teacher explained that at present our environmental assessment monitoring standards have the norms of other countries. Essence "Don't look forward to being treated for preferential treatment, of course, don't want to be discriminated against, just do it yourself!" This is the suggestion of Mr. Qifang, suitable for all boys and girls!

In the third session, Professor Cai Guozhen of Haida Haida used her own life stories to share with the public for decades from my exploration process, and the process of choosing and thinking on each important life turning point and other important life turning points of job hunting, training, and research. Thinking about the future at work, and from the continuous reflection and the achievements that she can master, she can master her is the response strategy of facing various challenges in her life. Teachers encourage everyone to establish their own characteristics of autonomy, self -discipline, concentration, optimism, independent thinking, good time management, and confidence in themselves. With these traits, regardless of men and women, I believe that they can face all kinds of difficulties and challenges in life.n

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