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Chemistry Fun activities are divided into two different types of chemical science popularization activities: Chemistry Car and Analysis Car. The vehicles enter the campus to lead students in activities. The Chemistry Car focuses on chemistry popularization experiments, with three main programs: Chemistry Story, a brief popular science lecture on chemistry, a chemistry magic show that combines demonstration and interactive performance, and most importantly, hands-on experiments. The Analysis Car activity is designed for science classes and science societies to explore experiments. We hope that all students participating in Chemistry Fun can personally participate in chemistry experiments, learn about the history of chemistry and chemical knowledge in the news through stories, and enjoy the colorful changes of chemistry experiments in performances full of laughter and amazement.

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Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

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100 scientist story

Experimental Demonstrations


Tamkang University Center for Science Education


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Preshool to high school students


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Chemical cars and analysis cars have come to the second largest township in the country. The altitude here is very high. It should be the top school where the chemical amusement fun goes to the team.nXinyi Junior High School is specially linked to all courses for today's activities. The teachers and students of the school participated in chemical fun activities. In the morning, the encouragement of Professor Zhang Peijun and principal of Asia University to open the prelude to the event. Recently, the Nobel Prize was promulgated. In history, only four winners have won the Nobel Prize twice, but this year is one more. In the second winning, but in all, I still took a Nobel Prize in Physics and a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. After introducing the story of Mary's residence with my classmates, we reminded our classmates, There is no gender in scientific research, and both men and women can make outstanding contributions on the road of scientific research.nToday is also the background of chemical cars and analysis cars as the stage of performance. The original atmosphere was a little calm because of the strangeness of each other. After a few jokes, the feeling of rusticity soon disappeared into the invisible, and the classmates would be. Enter the laboratory with a highly high smile and prepare for experiments. We brought three experiments today, which can successfully complete the experiments and bring back many experimental finished products and gifts. In their eyes, we see the hot flames that do the experiment!n(Pickup from the Science Education Center of Tamkang University Science Education Center: Chemicals and Interest Facebook)

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