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Science Train at Yunlin Dou-Nan Station/ The 2022 Science Train links all counties and cities in Taiwan to promote the spirit of popular science./ The 7th Taiwan Science Train is a nationwide science day event jointly organized by all counties and cities. To welcome the arrival of the train, Yunlin held a full-day warm-up event on October 25th, and welcomed the Science Train entering Dou-Nan Station at 1:59 pm in the afternoon. Yunlin Station prepared exploratory experiments to welcome students from Changhua County, and students from seven elementary schools in Yunlin County boarded the train to participate in the activities. This event was jointly planned by the National Science Council, Taiwan Railways Administration, Industrial Technology Research Institute, various county and city education bureaus, and many universities from October 24th to 28th, allowing students from all over Taiwan to experience the unique experience of conducting experiments on the train. The activities at Yunlin Station will be jointly set up by the county government, Dou-Nan Train Station, Dou-Nan Town Office, Taliwu Cultural Park, and departments of Huwei Senior High School, Mailiao Junior High School, Dou-Nan Senior High School, and National Chin-Yi University of Technology. It will be a scientific activity and community involvement.

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Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities


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The 7th Taiwan popular science trains are the National Science Day activities jointly organized by the counties and cities in series. On October 25th, it will enter Dounan Station at 12:59 in the afternoon. Students in Changhua County and Nantou County, while the children of Yunlin County experienced the activities on the train to Chiayi City. There were a total of 26 stalls at the scene, from Tigerwei High School, Dounan Middle School, Maiyu Middle School, and students from the Department of Precision Science and Electronics. There were about 800 teachers and students (the proportion of students and girls was 51: 49) From 13 elementary schools to participate in the event. In the morning, we arranged for students to visit the campus, Tongxin Park and Yushan Mi Factory. In particular, visiting the laboratory of Director Li Zhengdao in the Department of Automation, and close contact with many robots and machine arms, the director of the director also arranged a number of experience activities. There are also artistic exhibitions and simple scientific experiments from the art center. In the afternoon, students went to Dounan Railway Station. Qiu Xiaowen, Director of the Education Department of the Yunlin County Government, Professor Cai Mingbiao of Tiger University of Science and Technology, and President of Huwei High School Huizhen came to encourage the students. The "Taiwan Popular Science Train" departed at Miaoli Station at Miaoli County on the morning of October 25, arrived at Dounan Station at Yunlin County at 13:59, and went to Chiayi Station, Chiayi City at 14:39 train.

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