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Science Square on Holidays - Little Rocket Scientists

Highlights Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/11/13 Address | Taoyuan

Led by Teacher Hsu Chao-Fang (Caterpillar), participants will practice disassembling and thinking about the structure of commercial toys, anticipate the problems and solutions in the manufacturing process, and then verify them with scientific knowledge while making their own pneumatic rockets. Through the challenge tasks, participants will learn about pneumatic power design, rocket weight distribution, tail wing function, and the relationship between launch angle and distance while correcting and learning.\

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Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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Science Education Center at National Central University

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Many small rocket scientists in this event gathered together and entered the mysterious rocket world with caterpillar teacher. As soon as the teacher started, it was mentioned that this year (2022) was the first year of Taiwan's space development. After briefly describing the historical knowledge of the Rockets, he entered the evil thoughts that the children had ever had-toy dismantling! Teacher Maormon disassembles the rocket toys it brings, let everyone understand the internal structure of the Rockets and the principle of air pressure operation, and draw anatomical drawing by themselves, bring out many scientific related knowledge in a simple and easy -to -understand method. We actively share their ideas. In this event, raising his hands is no longer a stressful terror process.nAfter having relevant knowledge, finally start doing it! The teacher took everyone to make air pressure rockets and paper cup air rockets, hoping to find problems and amendments from the reality. Although it was only held in the small toys in the hand, the air, air storage, launch angle to rear design, etc. It has an impact on the flight, through the analysis of the results of each launch, and observes each other's discussion of each other, finds the proportion and center of gravity that is most suitable for the rocket, and is very happy to complete the rocket launch that belongs to themselves. Finish.nAt the end of the event, it was mentioned by Teacher Zhu Qingqi: "The layman looks at the lively, and the doorway is looking at the door." Before entering the classroom, you can make some analysis for the flying of the Rockets, so that science sprouts in the hearts of children. I hope that the toys made today are like the rocket in the stubborn MV in May, and carrying dreams and persistence, so that everyone will fly bravely in the future.

Number of Participants55

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