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  • The workshop on science exhibitions for teachers in the natural sciences field in primary and secondary schools.

The workshop on science exhibitions for teachers in the natural sciences field in primary and secondary schools.

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/11/16 Address | Taitung

Through a workshop on diverse competencies for science teachers in primary and secondary schools, we aim to provide teachers with an understanding of how to operate various science teaching aids. Through a range of optical experiments, we hope to equip teachers with practical demonstrations that they can use to engage their students in observing natural science subjects and related topics. By doing so, we hope to achieve better teaching practices and cultivate a love for science among students, enabling them to immerse themselves in the world of science.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Public Engagement

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National Taitung University Department of Applied Science and Science Education Center.

Event Audience

Junior high and elementary school teachers.


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Today, I went to the Guanshan Elementary School to conduct a teacher science exhibition ability workshop in the field of natural sciences in primary and secondary schools. The theme is optical. Although the theme is optical, it is different from the past. The scientific teachings of the university, because it can make a variety of, various shapes and colors. After reading the kaleidoscope we are prepared, the teachers must ask the teachers to make their own kaleidoscope. Although the kaleidoscope is simple, it is actually difficult to do it after doing it, especially when the six -piece lenses are put up, these six sheets actually only fix it with tape, so it is crooked by accident. After the end, the experiment of polarizing tablets is mainly to clamp the transparent tablets of the posting tape in the middle of the polarizer and then see how the effect is. Normally The tape is paste.

Number of Participants30

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