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Looking at the vast starry sky, do you want to learn about its mysteries? Did you know that the North Star, which guides direction in the dark, is actually what it looked like 434 years ago? Is there a second Earth in our universe with intelligent life waiting for us to communicate with?
Astronomy always seems romantic and mysterious, but what are the astronomers who are really studying the stars doing? Last year, over a hundred people signed up for the \One-day Astronomer\ event, and now it's back again to let even more people experience the wonderful activities! Do astronomers just sit on the grass and look at the stars? How were those beautiful galaxy and black hole photos taken? You don't have to imagine anymore! Come participate in the One-day Astronomer event, and you'll know all about it! In addition to having the opportunity to visit the observatory and listen to master lectures, you can also personally experience how astronomers transform observation data into important information!

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Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

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Experimental Demonstrations


National Central University College of Science Science Education Center

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High school student


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What is the astronomy in everyone? Is it a group of people carrying a huge telescope and a variety of instruments, wading the stars everywhere, or in the laboratory full of computers, to study the difficult physical and mathematical theory? In fact, these two are very important for astronomy! This time, the Science Education Center of the Central University Science and Education Institute held a "one -day astronomer" activity to respond to the United Nations' "IYBSSD2022" (IYBSSD2022 "(IyBSSD2022).nAfter a whole day of listening, the visits of astronomical platforms, and the map of the picture of astronomical photos, no matter whether they are interested in astronomical participants, they have a basic understanding of "astronomy". In this huge universe, in this huge universe, in this huge universe, We have many things that have not been found or studied, and we also thank all lecturers and participating in their cooperation and assistance. I also hope that through this activity, it can discover the students' curiosity or related potential of astronomy, and to explore more enthusiasm for this field. In the future, they can bring more dedication to the astronomy community!

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