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Warm sunshine, traffic lights at intersections, everything in our daily life is related to light. But how do we see light and color? Why do images taken with cameras lose their accuracy? The various properties of light are widely used in semiconductor science, material science, and other fields, making our technological life even better. If you want to know what optoelectronic scientists are doing, click on the registration link and become a one-day optoelectronic scientist!

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Science Cultivation

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National Central University College of Science Science Education Center

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The "optics" that everyone knows since childhood starts with a lot of mysterious nature phenomena. For example, hanging in the air like a smiley rainbow, a kaleida in childhood, or the bright color of the bright glows at dusk. The magic and romance of the composition. Of course, modern technology is also indispensable for optical contributions. For example, mobile phones, cameras, television and computers, etc., optical technology accounts for a large part of it, and can flourish. On November 12, 2022, the "One -Day Optoelectronics Power" organized by the Department of Science Education Center of the Central University and the Department of Optoelectronics and Engineering in response to the United Nations '"IyBSSD2022) in response to the United Nations'" Basic Science Promotion International Year "(IYBSSD2022), please come to it Since the beginning of this year, the largest teaching assistant group has helped us unveil the mystery of photoelectric science!nThis time the "One Day Optoelectronics Power" activity is quite successful. Teachers and teaching assistants have explained through various principles, knowledge, and interesting optical experiments. In addition to helping students to better understand the mystery of photoelectric science, they also let everyone be in person in person In the process of experiencing science, cultivate the ability to explore, and slowly find future ambitions or interests. Of course, I am also very grateful to all the students who are enthusiastic about participating today, as well as the hard teachers and teaching assistants. The efforts and cooperation of everyone have contributed to the success of the event. I hope everyone will return full load!

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