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Exhibition of Soundscapes in Manzhou Creation Installation

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/12/28 - 2022/12/29 Address | Longle Elementary School, Manzhou Township, Pingtung County.

\Soundscapes,\ as the name suggests, is a landscape created using sound. The main concept of this creation is to be approachable to children, using LEGO elements to create a map of Manzhou Township and adding the soundscapes of the township. Through QR codes, students can scan and link to audio files in a database to hear the local sounds. The work also incorporates the wisdom of indigenous peoples, with teachers taking students to experience the natural wisdom of ancestral spirits through walking and listening in the mountains.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 15: Life on land


Public Engagement、International Connections

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National Pingtung University Department of Science Communication.

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Manchu Sound Scenery Creative Device Special ExhibitionnActivity date | 2022/12/28-2022/12/29nLocation | #地 地 地 地 #地 地 ? 地 地nOrganizer | #National Pingtung University Department of Science Communication, Department of Science and CommunicationnThe sound scene, as the name suggests, uses the sound of sound, and imagine the beautiful picture here by listening to the sound. The main creative concept is to be close to children, and make a map of Manzhou Township through the elements of Lego. Add the voice of Manzhou Township in the map. If we use QRCODE, students can scan through their mobile phones. QRCODE will be connected to link To the sound files in the database, listen to the local voice through this process. In the work, there is the wisdom of the indigenous nation. Through the teacher takes the students to get close to the mountain forest, you can understand the natural wisdom of the ancestral spirit from the walking around.nScenery, voice, what you see, what you hear is the beginning of the structure of your world, a special activity, I do It is natural and science. With scientific ways to connect past experience, you will see different !!!nSound !!!!nI do n’t know how the sound is under the progress and changes of the world, what is the difference!? Did you hear it!? Hear it, welcome you to share ~~~n#全 全n#??n#IYBSSDXTAIWANn#?

Number of Participants300

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