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Science Exploration Event at Chiayi Station during 2022 Taiwan Science and Technology Exploration Train Journey

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/10/26 Address |

On October 26, 111, in cooperation with the National Science Council's promotion of science popularization, a science challenge event was held at the Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park when the Taiwan Science Education Center's science popularization train arrived at Chiayi Railway Station. The schools participating in the science popularization train were mainly junior high and elementary schools in Chiayi City, and 60 slots were reserved for students from remote schools in Chiayi County. The event was held in the form of a science challenge on the plaza in front of the station, with Chiayi Girls' Senior High School, Hong-Ren Girls' Senior High School, and the Department of Applied Chemistry at National Chiayi University designing 14 science checkpoints to assist high school and university students in serving as checkpoint hosts and helping students complete the challenge. To encourage female students to engage in science activities, one of the special features of this science popularization train event was that female students from Chiayi Girls' Senior High School and Hong-Ren Girls' Senior High School served as checkpoint hosts to demonstrate the abilities and characteristics of female students in science.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 5: Gender equality


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations



National Chiayi University Agriculture and Food Center

Event Audience

Junior high and elementary school students as well as other individuals who are interested in science.


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There are two parts of the popular science trains Chiayi Railway Station, which are activities on the train on the train and the square in front of the station. The schools that take the popular science trains this time are mainly junior high schools and elementary school students in Chiayi City. Among them, 60 places will be retained to school students in remote areas in Chiayi County. There are 59 teachers and students of Wenya Elementary School, 58 teachers and students of Shixian Elementary School, 60 people in Chiayi County, and teachers and students in the middle school (remote areas). A total of 276 teachers and students took the train to experience the science on the train.

The square in front of the station is carried out by scientific customs clearance. It is designed by 14 scientific levels of the Department of Applied Chemistry of Chiayi Girls' Middle School, Hongren Women's Middle School and Chiayi University to assist in training high school and college students as the master to complete the breakthrough activities. In order to encourage female students to engage in scientific activities, one of the characteristics of this popular science train, the students of Chiayi Women's Middle School and Hongren Women's Middle School, as the master, showing female students' ability and characteristics in science.闖關活動將由上午08:45開始至中午12:00結束,除上車的學生可以?加站前闖關活動外,另外發文至嘉義市各國、中小學,並寄邀請卡給嘉義市公私立幼稚園,讓Science has undergone roots, and encourages Chiayi City to participate in students and children who are interested in "scientific science".

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