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Professional Development Workshop for Elementary Science Teachers of Taitung County

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Event Date | 2023/03/29 Address |

Professional Development Workshop for Elementary Science Teachers of Taitung County

Through the multi-abilities workshop for teachers in the field of natural science in primary and secondary schools, teachers can understand the operation methods of some

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Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


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National Taitung University Science Education Center

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For two consecutive days (3/29-3/30), Professor Hong Weiqing, the popular science host of the National Science Council, and Professor Cheng Zhixian, a University of Science and Technology of Mingzhi, were invited by Professor Lin Ziwu of Taitung University to cooperate together to hold a "scientific teaching aid design in Lanyu Township Coconut Elementary School Participate with all teachers in Lanyu with the Practice Teacher's Study Camp, effectively combine the local education counseling plan of the Ministry of Education, the popular science science plan of the National Science Council, and local school resources to provide a rare opportunity to study and study.n Professor Lin Zifen, the plan host, said that he has been arranged to Lanyu to apply for teachers to increase energy activities for many years. Professor Hong Weiqing of the Army Official School, with the theme of "Creative Design and Practice of Scientific Teaching Aids", is designed as multiple practical courses with daily items to allow participating teachers to experience fun and interesting teaching aid practices together. Yuandao came to support lectures and shared the experience and experience of scientific education promotion, so that teachers can experience the charm of scientific implementation together.n Today, Professor Hong arranges a total of 5 creative implementation such as the rejuvenation label. It will gradually guide the implementation of teaching aids through teaching aids, so that teachers can understand the design of teaching aids and correctly complete the teaching aids. The interesting scientific demonstration also successfully attracted the attention of each teacher and caused everyone to learn the motivation. The teachers are very seriously invested. After understanding the principle of each teaching aid, everyone can successfully operate the correct operation. In the end, Professor Hong also shared all kinds of various types Teaching resources allow teachers to download and use freely. The teachers also provide a reference for the return of the popular science team in the future. Everyone is very satisfied and looks forward to continuing to participate in the study activities next time.

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