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Rural Outreach Promotionesign workshop

Science Communication
Event Date | 2022/12/14 Address |

he junior high and elementary school stages are critical periods for establishing scientific concepts, and it is hoped that students' curiosity about science can be cultivated through practical activities. Through the GOXR app, students can learn about the metaverse and visit our exhibition hall, the \Nantou County Digital Science Museum.\ We hope to attract students' initial understanding of the metaverse (3D virtual reality) and increase their interest in science.

The curriculum for this event is as follows:

1.Experience the metaverse
2.Introduction and production of cyanotype
3.Introduction and production of circuit card

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations


Event Audience



Telephone Number

04-23323456 ext.1868


Renai Elementary School is a primary school located on the central mountains and relying on Bihu Lake to enter Ren'ai Township along the winding mountain road where the misty monopoly hood. In the corner, the campus is also full of aboriginal elements.

We bring the concept of the Yuan universe and two practical experiments: circuit cards and blue diamonds, go to the elementary school campus. At the beginning of the event, we introduce them to the concept of the Yuan universe, and share the application cases. Digital museums have aroused the interest of children. They constantly raised questions and discussions, expressing their curiosity and expectations for the future of science and technology.

In the first practical experiment: in the blue exposure experiment, we mixed iron saline and sun -exposed paper to let the children use their own creativity and imagination to paint on the transparent rubber and make their unique blue exposure pictures. They keep constantly constantly Trying different patterns and composition to create a variety of works.

The second practical experiment: circuit card. In this experiment, children need to color on the card. Next, put LED lights on the card and use copper stickers to connect the battery with the bulb. The children are actively participating in this experiment. They continue to experiment with different ways. The card glows, showing a strong desire for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.

Number of Participants32

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