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Rural Outreach Promotionesign workshop

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/01/19 Address |

he junior high and elementary school stages are critical periods for establishing scientific concepts, and it is hoped that students' curiosity about science can be cultivated through practical activities. Through the GOXR app, students can learn about the metaverse and visit our exhibition hall, the \Nantou County Digital Science Museum.\ We hope to attract students' initial understanding of the metaverse (3D virtual reality) and increase their interest in science.

The curriculum for this event is as follows:

1.Experience the metaverse
2.Introduction and production of cyanotype
3.Introduction and production of polarisations

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations


Event Audience



Telephone Number

04-23323456 ext.1868


Shuangdong Elementary School is located in the easternmost side of Caotun Town, and is adjacent to Fu Gui Village, the surname of Guo Township. Surrounded by the peaks, the back is against the Shuangdong Mountains, and the scenery of the mountains is excellent. It can overlook the Jiujiu Peak Mountains.

During the preparation of the event, the children of the Shuangdong Elementary Elementary School showed their curiosity about new things. In the event, we introduced the concept of the Yuan universe to the children, so that they can understand how digital technology further expands our virtual world. Essence Through the way of mobile games, we showed children the application case of the Yuan universe. Then, they took them to experience the digital museums and let them understand the Yuan universe more deeply. The students also raised many interesting issues and ideas.

During the activities of the blue sun -exposed map, the children were very excited to learn the principle of the blue sun -diamond. They drew various characteristic patterns on the transparent glue version, and observed the process of chemical response through the sensor and the sun. Essence This process not only enhanced their understanding of science, but also encouraged them to exert creativity and realize their ideas.

In the activity of polarization painting, the children learned the principle of polarization painting, and pasted the transparent tape at will on the transparent acrylic version, showing various color effects by operating light sources and polarizing films. This experiment has stimulated the curiosity and exploration of children, making them more love to learn new knowledge.

Number of Participants30

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