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  • 2023/4/21 〖Circular Economy〗— ❐ S2-2 Circular Economy Development in Taiwan Sugar Corporation and its Carbon Emission Reducti

2023/4/21 〖Circular Economy〗— ❐ S2-2 Circular Economy Development in Taiwan Sugar Corporation and its Carbon Emission Reducti

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Taiwan Sugar Corporation (#TSC) is a time-honored and state-owned enterprise in Taiwan that focuses on the production and sales of sugar and sugar byproducts. Following the government’s 5+2 Innovative Industries Plan, TSC has set its core strategy as “promoting new agriculture and moving towards circular Taiwan”. For instance, Bagasse from the sugar production process can be used as fuel for the sugar refinery.

Currently, TSC has 4 major circular economy projects that are continuously operating. They are Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park, Oyster Shell Biomaterial Plant, Taisugar Circular Village, and Sugar Making Industry. All of the projects are consumer-oriented, and will hopefully lead toward a circular Taiwan and a circular world.

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Sugar Corporation and its Carbon Emission Reduction Impact


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At the meeting, TSC introduced some of their specific measures in practical cycle economy. One of the important projects is the Shalun Circular Village, a comprehensive community that integrates housing, business and agriculture. With biological cycle as the core, the target of zero waste is achieved through production, consumption and regeneration. The Shalun Circular Village realizes organic circulating agriculture by planting vegetables, fruits and vanilla in residential areas. At the same time, it is composting by recycling kitchen waste and garbage to regenerate organic fertilizer for planting.

Another important circular economy project is the oyster shell factory, which is a factory that extracts calcium and other useful ingredients from the oyster shell. A large amount of oyster shell can be converted into high -quality calcium powder, which can be applied to agriculture, buildings and other industries. At the same time, the oyster shell factory can also extract the collagen in the oyster shell to make drugs, cosmetics and other products.

In addition, TSC also introduced some of their specific plans to reduce carbon emissions and improve resource efficiency. One of the important measures is to implement the material cycle during the production process, and reduce the consumption of natural resources by recycling and reuse the waste generated during the production process. In addition, they also implemented a water circulation plan to achieve water -saving effects through the water in the process of recycling and reuse. At the same time, TSC also reduces carbon emissions through measures such as improving energy utilization efficiency and renewable energy sources to achieve carbon reduction targets.

Finally, TSC also proposed a roadmap for developing high -value CACO3 products and creating a biotechnology market platform. This will help promote the company's continuous innovation and progress in circular economy and green development.

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