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Event Date | 2023/04/01 - 2023/06/30 Address | Yunlin County

Activity dates: 4/21, 6/8, 5/11.

To give children in remote areas the opportunity to understand science, bridge the urban-rural gap, and stimulate their unlimited creativity, this project plans to combine a group of professors from the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology to take turns organizing various forms of creative science activities in remote areas. It is expected to reach 8 schools and 500 students.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


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National Changhua University of Education

Formosa Plastics Group

Event Audience

Elementary school students.


Telephone Number

(04)723-2105 #3324


This workshop is themed around science concepts relevant to daily life. Through engaging, lively, and hands-on activities, the workshop aims to introduce scientific knowledge related to the themes. It is designed for elementary school teachers and students to cultivate an inquiry-based understanding of science concepts. The program facilitates the arrangement of university professors to conduct on-site teaching and learning, according to the available time in each school. This approach offers children diverse methods to learn about science and allows them to engage with science through hands-on experiences.

The curriculum of this workshop involves various materials such as transparent 600 mL plastic bottles, PE droppers, transparent plastic cups, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, different food dyes, disposable chopsticks, tap water, and more. These materials are used to demonstrate scientific activities. Initially, calcium chloride solutions are prepared and mixed. Then, various food dyes are added and evenly distributed. Children are encouraged to observe the resulting changes. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants take their creations home and continue observing any subsequent changes over an extended period. This approach aims to provide an enduring scientific experience that enriches the students' environment.

Number of Participants100

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