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Explore Changhua, Fun with Science (Changhua Science Day)

Highlights Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/06/03 Address | Changhua County

This project leverages the administrative resources of the local government to promote science education at the local level and encourage creative learning in science. Natural science is closely related to daily life and production, containing a wealth of scientific knowledge. Therefore, scientific activities can be designed to explore and study phenomena related to scientific knowledge, helping students understand everyday phenomena and cultivate their interest in learning science. By applying the knowledge learned to solve practical problems, students can also learn from their daily lives and achieve better teaching results with less effort.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations


Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology - Department of Optometry

Event Audience



Telephone Number

(04)723-2105 #3324


School booth namen1 Wish Pool of Yuanzhe Foundationn2 Yuanzhe Foundation Fenghuo Wheeln3 The magical Gee-Haw of Changhua Normal Universityn4 Changhua Normal University non -Newtonian fluidn5 Chemical Garden of Changhua Normal Universityn6 Simple testing of medical masks in Changhua Normal Universityn7 Changhua Normal University-Indonesia King-Balln8 Changhua Normal University-Indian Magic Papern9 Changhua Normal University-Vietnam Artificial Gangpun10 Tigerwei University of Science and Technology draws silk-Yun Duo in the handn11 The magical heat shrinkage phenomenon of Huwei University of Science and Technologyn12 Changhua Girls' High School Ding Ding Dingn13 The mission of Changhua Girls' High School Bombersn14 Changxing Junior High School Breakthroughs-Gulles+Gui Qigongn15 Changxing Junior High School Wishes-Praying Sky Lantern+Wordless Skyn16 The Kowloon Cup of the Middle School of Flower bedn17 Flower Terminal High School Drop Water Bottlen18 Flower bed junior high school wine refined gunn19 Mom 逗 小 小 19 19 h h homeplayn20 Mom 20 小 ? ? ? ? 20n21 Between Lake Elementary School Bouncingn22 Lake East Elementary School Life 1 (one person once) Ten miles of "Peach Blossom"n23 Tongan Elementary School Magnetic is so funn24 Tongan Elementary School Light Sagittariusn25 Han Ruitai Industrial Co., Ltd. (CNC Interaction)n26 Caiyan Creative Bakery-3D Jelly Flowern27 Society legal person in Changhua County Industrial Tourism Development Promotion Association (small potted plant DIY)n28 The first class of Coffee production and sales in Changhua Cityn29 Changhua City Tanaka Community Baking Classn30 Medical Stationn

Number of Participants600

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