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Meihe Elementary School Exploration and Practical Workshop

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/05/15 Address | Meihe Elementary School

Meihe Elementary School Exploration and Practical Workshop/ Inspire students' enthusiasm and potential for exploration and practical skills, as well as cultivate their curiosity, imagination, and rational thinking. Through small science experiments, lead seventh-grade students to explore the scientific mysteries and knowledge in daily life, and deepen their understanding of scientific phenomena through practical work, activating the application of knowledge.
Science activity one: The Secret of Balloons - Professor Chih-Wei Chiu from National Taiwan Normal University's Department of Physics
Science activity two: Making a Simple Three-ball Pendulum - Professor Ming-Liang Lin from National Taiwan Normal University.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality


Science for All、Science Cultivation

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations


National Kaohsiung Normal University Science Education Center.

Event Audience

High school student


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5/15 (one) In the afternoon, the Gao Normal University Science and Education Center came to Taitung County Meihe Elementary School to conduct inquiry and implementation study activities.n*Professor Qiu Zhiwei of the Department of Physics, through interesting practical mini -games, uses balloons as a medium, convey the relationship between power and thermal energy, and deepen the memory of knowledge through experimental records; The fastest speed of balloons burst, allowing students to understand the power and energy, color principle and balloon through the balloon.n*Professor Lin Mingliang guides the students of the United States and Elementary School to make their own equator -style Japanese crickets, understand the principles and applications of Nikko, and observe according to the season and the place where they are located. Many classmates are also very amazing about the invention of Nikko. A simple device actually includes the design of the season and the north -south hemisphere. Fortunately, the professor considers the weather. Practice the operation of the sun in the weather.nWith hands -on implementation and discussion, science not only discovers the principle of boring, but also deepen the understanding and improvement of knowledge in the process.

Number of Participants25

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