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Continuing Cultural Traditions, Sustaining Tribal Vibrancy

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/03/24 - 2023/03/25 Address | WenShui Elementary School

Continuing Cultural Traditions, Sustaining Tribal Vibrancy/ In order to understand and assist indigenous tribal elementary schools, indigenous traditional wisdom and culture are used as the theme for developing school-based curriculum. The purpose of the \Continuing Cultural Traditions, Sustaining Tribal Vibrancy\ theme is to help all participants understand how the remote WenShui Elementary School in indigenous tribes uses indigenous traditional wisdom and culture as the theme for developing school-based curriculum, integrating nearby community resources and finding government venues, organizing human resources to carry out sustainable development education. The activities include traditional elders and young people leading the way to learn about traditional territories and hunting culture, the Dabulas Church partners sharing friendly agricultural practices in natural environments, the Taiya Cultural Museum cultural course guide and works, tribal murals guide, in-class courses for lower grades - the magical millet culture (millet garden & granary), middle grades: happy exploration (outdoor classroom & tribal kitchen), upper grades: food and agricultural education and traditional crops (traditional crops), combined with community sustainable development topics and special lectures.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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National Taiwan Normal University

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In the process of activities, the spirit and achievements of the cooperation and achievements that the principal, teacher team and students fully showed. This event arranged through the content of praying for blessings, wild plants, traditional cooking and friendly farming, and brought the cultural and ecological diversity activities into The tribal elderly showed ecological wisdom, respect the mountains and forests, and was able to sustainable. Students served as a little commentary. They could feel self -confidence and joy. They personally explained the exhibition's self -painting. In the off -campus community, students' handwriting and paintings are displayed. From the perspective of education, the role of the teacher is very important. Education is no longer just a simple knowledge transmission in the past. In addition to learning and growth between colleagues, it is more important to teach each other. How to share, so as to give full play to the potential of educational and improve the quality of education, and jointly face the problem of solving the living environment in the future. Whether it is the community cultural museum, mountain forest, community corner, classrooms and campus, etc., different environmental areas are planned and matched as courses. The school has educational sensitivity. The best cooperation model.

Number of Participants40

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