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Inquiry and Hands-on Workshop at Zhenxing Elementary School

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/05/19 Address | Pingtung

Inquiry and Hands-on Workshop at Zhenxing Elementary School

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire students' enthusiasm and potential for inquiry and hands-on activities, as well as to cultivate their curiosity, imagination, and rational thinking. Inquiry lies at the core of science, and by engaging in scientific activities and fostering logical thinking, criticality, creativity, and problem-solving skills through scientific reading, students can develop a deep understanding of scientific principles. By exploring scientific principles through real-life applications and engaging experiments, we aim to demonstrate the fascinating aspects of science, hoping to stimulate students' curiosity and motivate them to engage in hands-on activities. Through the process of inquiry-based learning, we aim to establish a solid comprehension of scientific principles.

Mathematics Instructor - Professor Shen Ming-Xun from National Chengchi University's Institute of Science Education.
Earth Science Instructor - Professor Lin Ming-Liang from National Chengchi University.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality


Science Cultivation

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations


National Kaohsiung Normal University Science Education Center.

Event Audience

Elementary school students.


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On the morning of 5/19 (Fri), the Gao Normal University Science and Education Center came to the Elementary School of Primary School in Pingtung County to conduct inquiry and practical study.n*Professor Shen Mingxun Institute of Keji Institute, through interesting mathematics topics, provides students with different perspectives and leads the importance of reading comprehension. In addition, they also bring the second -place related knowledge from a small game to experience different mathematical lessons; in addition, they also borrow it. Leading the children of the elementary school to use six pieces of paper origami to fold the eight -facial body, and understand the relationship between the structure and mechanics to make paper gyro and make paper gyroscopes for heavy competitions!n*Professor Lin Mingliang led the students of the Elementary School to make their own equatorial Japanese dwellings, understand the principles and applications of Nikko, and observe according to the season and the place where they are located. Many classmates are also very amazing about the invention of Rimi. They also understand the design of the device and the design of the seasons and the north and south hemispheres. On the day, they were also very lucky to meet clear weather. They had sufficient sunlight and could better understand the operation of Nikko. Students have said: Yes, now it is almost 11 o'clock in the morning, this is the place!

Number of Participants39

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