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Kaohsiung Municipal Neimen Junior High School - Laser Engraving Science Knowledge & Custom Keychain Workshop

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/04/07 Address | Kaohsiung Municipal Neimen Junior High School

Kaohsiung Municipal Neimen Junior High School - Laser Engraving Science Knowledge & Custom Keychain Workshop

In order to engage the junior high school students, this activity aims to provide more interactive opportunities to enhance the overall fun and hands-on nature of the event. Our team will introduce the principles and practical applications of laser engraving, utilizing the Cubiio laser engraving machine as the main tool. Each student will have a tablet computer to facilitate hands-on learning. Through group instruction, students will not only be able to see but also physically interact with the equipment, deepening their impression of the activity. We look forward to future opportunities to share new technological knowledge with Neimen Junior High School once again.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 4: Quality education Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production


Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations



Kaohsiung Municipal Neimen Junior High School

Event Audience

Junior high school students


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In the first visit, the enthusiastic welcome and introduction of the teachers, so that the team can quickly integrate into the communication and interaction with the students.nThe content of this event is divided into two parts. First of all, use Cubiio portable laser carvings to control the related parameters of the sculpture machine in combination with tablet computers, so that students can understand how to control the software. Doing the teaching method while doing while learning and learning; in addition, there is a blank space behind the key ring. The team asked students to think and paint on the tablet, and convert it into a picture output to the Cubiio to complete the carving. Through the above learning and interaction, Let's complete the work of the carved key ring in the first half.nIn the second half, the knitted key ring knot was developed as the main axis. Due to the weaving rope as an umbrella rope, it was stable and durable and the material was hard. Students needed to tighten each knot to make the knot not loose. In this way, students can reflect that they are not easy to complete the key ring, and they also produce their own key rings.nAfter the students have completed the production key ring, the team designed the feedback form by themselves. Please fill in the person who participated in the event and deeply retain the memories of the event ~nSpecial thanks to the accompanying teachers and participating students of the inner middle school to create the unforgettable activities of each other!n

Number of Participants7

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