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Professional Development Workshop for Elementary Science Teachers of Taitung County

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/05/31 Address |

Professional Development Workshop for Elementary Science Teachers of Taitung County

Through the multi-abilities workshop for teachers in the field of natural science in primary and secondary schools, teachers can understand the operation methods of some

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Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


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National Taitung University Science Education Center

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On May 31st today, I went to Toyama Elementary School to conduct a teacher scientific exhibition ability workshop in the field of natural sciences in primary and secondary schools. Today, the theme is balanced. First, the professor first uses the on -site teaching aids to show the teachers what the basic concept of balance is, and then ask teachers to use scissors to use scissors. And the paper design and make a balanced bird by yourself. It is important to explain the principle of balance and fulcrum by the balance bird. In addition, it also uses bamboo sticks, iron wires, and nuts to make simple balance teaching aids. We use 13 iron nails and bases to think about how to stand so many iron nails on the base. First try to let the teachers think about how to place it. Everyone is very enthusiastic about such experiments. Unfortunately, there is no teacher. Success, the professor finally answered the common method of swinging and other special puppets. Finally, the magnet was used to maintain a balance. In addition to the balanced concept and the concept of magnetic lines, the teachers also expressed a lot of benefits. Finally, the aluminum tank that can be seen in life, add water to present it as long as the center of gravity and the fulcrum are correct, how to place it will stand up.

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