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Self-Made Wind Turbine Workshop for Disadvantaged Children at Boyo Pingshi Back Mountain Study Center

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/07/13 Address | Boyo Pingshi Back Mountain Study Center

National Taiwan Ocean University and the Boyo Foundation organized a self-made wind turbine workshop for disadvantaged children at the Boyo Pingshi Back Mountain Study Center. With the support of the National Science and Technology Council, the workshop aligns with the government's green energy technology policy and aims to cultivate talents in the field of renewable energy from an early age.

This activity not only connects with international trends but also focuses on local development, fostering a green energy technology workforce. Furthermore, the workshop aims to bridge the gap in learning resources between urban and rural areas, promoting equal educational opportunities for children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. It provides knowledge and hope for disadvantaged children in remote areas as well.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 1: No poverty Goal 4: Quality education Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy Goal 10: Reduced inequality


Science for All、Science Cultivation

Type of event

Experimental Demonstrations


National Taiwan Ocean University

Event Audience

Junior high and elementary school teachers.


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With the support of the National Science and Technology Commission, the university's science popularization teaching team has organized 101 physics demonstrations and hands-on activities, 48 science camps for underprivileged students in remote areas, and 4 teacher workshops. We have also participated in 3 science fairs and presented 2 innovative teaching aids at the science popularization corner. Our activities have been covered by the media 48 times.

Furthermore, we have produced 133 physics demonstration teaching videos and uploaded them to the Ministry of Science and Technology's Science Spectacular website and YouTube, attracting over 1.8 million views. Our videos have been included in learning materials on the e-learning platform for civil servants and received the Excellent Course Award from the Taiwan Open Course Consortium.

In order to align with the environmental education topics in the 12-year national education curriculum and the government's development of green energy and environmental protection policies, on July 13, 112 (2023), we organized a wind turbine self-building camp for students from the Taigang Tribe in the remote mountains of Jienshi, under the sponsorship of the Bo-Yu Foundation. We also produced teaching videos and placed them on the Science Spectacular website. This activity not only connects with international standards but also cultivates local talents in the field of green energy technology from a young age. It also promotes equal education opportunities for the rich and poor, allowing underprivileged students to bring home hope through knowledge.

Number of Participants20

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