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Sustainable Development Co-Learning Workshop - Yehliu Elementary School

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/06/29 Address | Yehliu Elementary School

With a focus on sustainable development education, the school designs curriculum with local characteristics to cultivate students' marine literacy, foster innovative thinking, and encourage community engagement. In this workshop, the school showcases the outcomes of its marine sustainability curriculum through the \Sea Flavor Fishing Village Market.\ Students from grades one to six introduce the marine ecology and geological landscape of their hometown, including topics such as seashells and crabs, seafood guide, world geology, intertidal algae, fishing culture, and bilingual geological stage. These topics are all part of the school's indigenous curriculum that aims to protect the sustainable community of their hometown and simultaneously instill in students a sense of connection to the ocean, local identity, and commitment to sustainability actions.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 14: Life below water Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science Cultivation

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National Taiwan Normal University Sustainable Development Center

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Junior High and Elementary School Principals

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The workshop school shows the results of the market of marine sustainable curriculum-seafood fishing village market. It will introduce the marine ecology and geological landscapes of the hometown from the first to sixth grades of the whole school of the wild willow elementary school. Fisheries culture and bilingual geological stage practice to protect the school -based courses of the permanent community of their hometown, and at the same time cultivate students' sense of identity and sustainable action for the ocean, local identity and sustainable operations. The community partners led a stroll on the shore of the wild willow fishing port in the wild willow community to go to the development of the humanities of the wild willow fishery, visit the environment that students learn, and the community in the real estate industry and environmental resources. In order to experience the seasonal and sea food culture of fish educational education, taste culinary fishing and fishing dishes by community volunteers. The canoeing is presented to the World Ocean Day. Through the cross -bureau's office, community, and school cooperation, the Haike Museum is donated by the Haike Museum to let the Wanli District Elementary School rehabilitate, and combined with the school's canoeing salary and sea waste creation show Competitive with Haiyong, successfully promoting school marine education.n

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