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Opening Ceremony of the 2023 Tainan City National Science Week Science Escape Rooms

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/05/29 Address | Tainan Jiangjun Junior High School

To promote and deepen basic science education and care for underprivileged and rural children, the National Cheng Kung University Science Education Center, with support from the National Science Council and subsidies and assistance from the Tainan City Education Bureau, has been organizing the 'Tainan City National Science Week' event since 105 years ago.

This year, our theme is 'Radiant Energy,' with a total of ten sets of teaching materials. Theme One is 'Heat and Temperature,' including the Passionate Thermometer, Drinking Bird, Cloud Generator, Galileo Thermometer, and Light Mill. Theme Two is 'Force and Collision,' featuring experiments such as Tension and Stretch, Newton's Pendulum, Cone Ascending, Four Ounces Move a Thousand Pounds, and Ping-Pong Ball in a Cup.

As in previous years, we have transformed the knowledge from these teaching materials into science escape rooms, where we hope everyone can solve puzzles while playing and learn science together.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science for All、Science Cultivation

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Experimental Demonstrations




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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Science Education Center

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After three years of being impacted by the pandemic, we can finally come together again to play with science in person! This year, a total of 25 junior high schools in Tainan City are participating. In April, the seed teachers and students from each school came to the National Cheng Kung University Science Education Center for training and brought back ten sets of teaching materials (all provided for free, thanks to the support from the Tainan City Education Bureau) to share with more children at their schools.

Today (5/29), we also invited students from several participating schools to join us at Jiangjun Junior High School for the lively opening ceremony and to experience the science fair and science escape rooms! After enjoying the wonderful performance by Jiangjun Junior High School's flute team, the students from the school took on the role of game masters for the science fair and little angels for the science escape rooms, allowing Vice Director Wang Kun-Yuan from the Tainan City Education Bureau, Vice President Chen Yu from National Cheng Kung University, and the principals and students from various schools to experience the joy of solving science puzzles together!

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