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2023 International Conference on AI for a Sustainable Society – Frontier Research, Policy, and Practice

Event Date | 2023/08/11 - 2023/08/12 Address | Academia Sinica

The 2023 International Conference on AI for a Sustainable Society will be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei. Topics related to AI for a sustainable society are invited to submit. Topics on AI Ethics and Sustainability, AI for ESG, AI for the Long-term Future, AI for Education, AI and Application Trends are especially welcomed. Prominent papers presented in the conference would be recommended for publishing in the special issue of our collaborative journals.

Future Earth Taipei and Future Earth Canada Hubs are collaborating for the event.

When: August 11 -12

Where: Academia Sinica, Lecture Hall (1st floor), Research Center for Environmental Changes

Who: Experts working in AI and digital sustainability will be speaking, including Micheline Ayoub, Director of the Future Earth Canada Hub and Executive Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement、International Connections

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Future Earth Taipei - #DigitalAge 工作小組將於 8 月 11-12 日於中研院籌辦

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Dr. Dolly Chung 鐘鈺鈞 博士 (

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The recently concluded 2023 International Conference on AI for a Sustainable Society, held at Academia Sinica in Taipei, brought together a convergence of minds and ideas at the intersection of artificial intelligence and sustainability. The conference served as a crucible of insights and conclusions that bear significance for the future of our society.

The conference highlighted the growing recognition of AI's potential to drive sustainability efforts across various domains. One resounding insight was the importance of ethical considerations in deploying AI for sustainability. Discussions around AI Ethics and Sustainability underscored the need to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used responsibly, taking into account environmental, social, and ethical dimensions.

The discourse expanded into the realm of finance and governance. AI for ESG emerged as a pivotal topic, where experts delved into how AI can be harnessed to enhance Environmental, Social, and Governance practices within organizations. This insight paves the way for innovative approaches to measuring and managing sustainability impacts.

Moreover, the conference echoed a forward-looking sentiment regarding AI's role in shaping the long-term future. The theme of AI for the Long-term Future provoked contemplation on the transformative potential of AI, urging us to consider its implications for societal resilience, resource management, and adaptation to evolving challenges.

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