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Women Scientists’ Camp, National Health Research Institutes

Science Communication
Event Date | 2023/02/01 - 2023/02/28 Address | 35 Keyan Rd, Zhunan Town, Miaoli, Taiwan

In addition to introducing suitable popular science contents for high school students, scientific issues relevant to women will also be the emphases. Examples include introduction to woman scientists and inviting woman speakers to share their thoughts.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 5: Gender equality


Public Engagement

Type of event


Experimental Demonstrations


National Health Research Institutes (NHRI)

Event Audience

high school students


Telephone Number

(03)720-6166 #35393


A total of 30 female classmates were invited to participate in this event.nThe most special unit "Female Scientist Talk Talk", the most special unit of this event, is based on the growth of female scientists as an example to share their experience in learning growth, including: (1) Deputy Director Yan Lingru of the Institute of Cell and System Institute of the hospital Share a small student who is studying in the United States from learning music, Xi Xi to study, and returning to Taiwan to develop life. In just a few minutes, I have to rush to work in the welfare club to earn living expenses, and sharing a bucket of gold with my own efforts to earn a doctorate. How can she change myself, and if she can return to the national high school again, how to change myself and inspire students to rethink, whether the current learning method or attitude must be changed. Lecturers encourage students to open up their hearts and pursue across professional knowledge and skills, and it is possible to be unlimited by environmental difficulties and courage to find dreams.nIn addition to lectures and sharing, the event content also has popular science games, such as understanding the characteristics and differentiation process of stem cells through board games, students are playing middle school; visiting the zebrafish house, in addition to observing the red blood cell flow of the cool zebrafish, in addition to the use The genetic modification produces fluorescent fish, or the distortion and behavior of the fish and behavior (exclusion) caused by the genetic mutation are all eye -catching highlights; mice introduced by the animal center will be stimulated and novel due to pain. Experimental animals and implement animal experimental ethics.nI believe that a series of scientific camp activities have been buried in the hearts of classmates.n

Number of Participants30

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