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Event Date | 2023/04/29 Address | NTNU Taipei

Taipei Science Festival is designed for students from all levels of schools in Taipei City as the main participants, featuring various science hands-on and experimental booths. It integrates natural science, mathematics, information technology, and science and technology activities into community life, attracting citizens to participate in fun science experiments through various science fairs, and promoting science knowledge through subtle science games. Moreover, it trains teachers and students from all levels of schools to personally conduct experimental demonstrations and explanations, establish a long-term operating model to form seed science popularization teams, and cultivate and shape scientific talents from a young age, enhance the interest of students, parents, and society in participating in science activities, and thereby drive the national science popularization trend.

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Department of International Cooperation and Science Education of NSTC

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The "Taipei Science Day" has entered the ninth year so far. It is under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Taipei Municipal Government Education Bureau and Taiwan Normal University School of Science and Technology have invited students, parents, and citizens who are interested in science to participate in This large scientific feast. The elementary school students in Taipei City brought the successful performance of the youthful congratulatory and congratulations. The drum sound was vibrating and extraordinary. Planning and handling science popularization activities in the way of multiple, science and technology, fun and life, and through the scientific expo method of science, incorporate natural science, mathematics, information and scientific and technological activities into community life, and in the wide space Taiwan Normal University Mansion Campus Campus Campus , And then integrated local culture to enhance the popular science education literacy of the people in Taiwan.

The 2023 Taipei Science Day is the main body of Taipei City at all levels. It is invited to exhibit nearly 52 stalls in Taipei High School, Middle School Primary School, and Taiwan Normal University Dali College and professional groups. The content of the event is brilliant and rich. The subjects involving subjects include physical, chemical, biological, mathematics, earth sciences, information, life technology and sports science and other issues that integrate into modern life, promote popular science education, play science together parent -child, entertain, and then implement the popular science spirit of the whole people.

Number of Participants20,000

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