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Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform Project (TCCIP)

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Event Date | 2022/09/13 Address | Taiwan

The National Science Council's \Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform Project (TCCIP)\ has been promoted by the TCCIP scientific research team, and over the years, the climate change integration service platform it has promoted has achieved the goal of supporting domestic climate change data, information, knowledge, and intelligent plans through scientific services. The project completed its third phase of work (August 2018~August 2022) in August of this year and began to move towards the fourth phase of the project. Therefore, a results presentation was held on September 13th to explain the results of the third phase of the project and the content of the fourth phase of the project to various sectors of industry, government, academia, and research who are concerned with climate change adaptation issues, so that they could fully understand the TCCIP results and future plans and have further exchanges with various sectors.

This event presented the results and future plans of the TCCIP project in four major topics:
(1) Introduction to the next phase of the project: Introduction to the planning of the fourth phase of the TCCIP project and how to provide better climate change data and knowledge services through communication with users.
(2) Value-added and analysis of climate change data: Introduction to TCCIP project data production and value-added analysis results, sharing data results on grid observation data, satellite retrieval radiation data, CMIP6 statistical downscaling, Taiwan historical climate reconstruction data, and climate change air quality simulation, etc.
(3) Impacts and adaptation of climate change: Introduction to the method framework, indicators, graphic information, and knowledge results of the TCCIP project's impact and adaptation, sharing results in fields such as flooding, slope, coastal areas, fisheries, water resources, and agriculture.
(4) Service and outlook of TCCIP adaptation: Introduction to the TCCIP project platform adaptation service results and future promotion direction.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Goal 13: Climate action Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science for All、Science Cultivation、Public Engagement

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This event invites production and official research on the issue of climate change to regulate the issue. The number of applicants is nearly 400, and the number of studies have registered the most, followed by government units, legal person units and consultants. The number of participants in physical meetings is about 85, and the number of online meetings is about 243, with a total of about 328 people.nThis event invited the Director Luo Mengfan of the National Science Council Natural Science and Sustainable Research and Development Division to give a speech. Then the host of the plan host Lin Liyao began, and began to conduct the National Science Council "Taiwan's climate change estimated information and adjustment knowledge platform. Plan "Phase III Planning Report.nThis activity promotes domestic more understanding and understanding of climate change science. The report content can provide domestic academic and research units' awareness of the scientific research methods of climate change, and provide information and impact information of the latest climate change in the industry and government units. Improve the ability to adjust the planning of climate change in the face of industry and the government, reduce the fragility of climate change, and facing a more sustainable society. Meeting briefing and audiovisual information can refer to the event webpage:nhttps://tccip.ncdr.nat.gov.tw/au_04_one.aspx?aid=20220823161852

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