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2022 Taiwan Space Union Annual Meeting and Satellite Science Workshop

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Event Date | 2022/11/04 - 2022/11/06 Address | NCKU

The National Science and Technology Committee is dedicated to promoting the exchange, application, and development of satellite science and technology in Taiwan. To construct an overall blueprint for the research and development of satellite science in Taiwan, the committee has organized several strategic discussions and workshops on satellite science since 2019, gathering experts from industry, government, academia, and research institutions. In 2020, the Taiwan Space Union (TSU) was established as a platform for exchanging ideas and expertise in space science. This year, the fourth satellite science workshop will be held at National Cheng Kung University from November 4th to November 6th. The three-day event is jointly organized by the National Science and Technology Committee, relevant government agencies, the TSU, and the Hanmin Summer Space Technology Center team of National Cheng Kung University. Participants from universities, industries, and related fields are welcome to attend.

The event also features an industry exhibition and poster presentation area, providing an opportunity for participants to interact and exchange ideas. The workshop covers various topics, including national space policy, satellite science application and development, talent cultivation and competition in Taiwan's space industry, and the latest developments in space technology. The aim is to promote communication and collaboration between industry, government, academia, and research institutions to expand the benefits of space technology and improve the research and development blueprint for satellite science in Taiwan. Additionally, this year's workshop will include student activities, aiming to inspire young students to engage in the field of space science. Everyone is welcome to participate.

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Goal 4: Quality education Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions Goal 17: Partnership for the goals


Science for All、Science Cultivation、International Connections

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Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development of NSTC

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Preshool to high school students


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In order to welcome the new generation of Space Technology, the National Science and Technology Council coordinated the Taiwan Space Science Alliance (TSU) from today (4) with the ICASE (The International Conference On ASTRONAUTICS and Space Exploration) seminar. On the 3rd, the Satellite Science Workshop and the Industrial Expo are held to provide a communication platform for scientific plans, space scientific research scholars and government and industry to promote the in -depth cooperation and assistance policies of production, government, research, and research, and establish a blueprint for overall space and satellite science research development and development. Essence Following the previous two sessions of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Agricultural Committee, focusing on the discussion of industrial development and agricultural land issues, this workshop will focus on the international popular low -orbit satellite issues and focus on the sustainable development issues of space science and technology development. Cultivation with talents: Including the development of satellite use in the issue of sustainable development of marine issues, land monitoring, meteorological and environmental changes, etc., and invite the industry partners to discuss the strategies of basic scientific research to the application surface and even industrialization; Representatives of the Space Relationship Institute in Taiwan have deeper strategic exchanges for college cultivation talents. For the first time, students spontaneously plan for "Student Day" by students. Students proactively invite experts and scholars in the industry and academia to give speeches and competitions on the latest forward -looking technology, injecting new forces into the new generation of Taiwan space.

Number of Participants400

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