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  • The 41st National Primary and Secondary School Science Park Fair in Kaohsiung City

The 41st National Primary and Secondary School Science Park Fair in Kaohsiung City

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Event Date | 2022/10/21 - 2022/10/22 Address |

The 41st National Primary and Secondary School Science Park Fair in Kaohsiung City
Activity goals:
1. Lay the foundation of science education for students in this city, and cultivate students' interest in participating in scientific activities.
2. Entertaining and entertaining, so that participants can acquire scientific knowledge and skills in the activities, and promote science education for all.
3. Give full play to the dynamic teaching function, cultivate students' scientific concepts, scientific attitudes and scientific methods, so as to improve students' scientific literacy.
5. Activities:
The content of the activity stations set up by each school must comply with science-related fields including physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, mathematics, life applications, information technology, marine science education, nanotechnology, energy education, and environmental education. The activities are carried out in the form of scientific inquiry and games. At the same time, they must be life-like, interesting, safe and environmentally friendly, so that students can more easily understand scientific principles through operations.

Activity Goals aligned with SDGs Projects

Goal 4: Quality education Goal 10: Reduced inequality Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities


Science for All、Science Cultivation

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National Science and Technology Museum

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Kaohsiung City's 41st Elementary and Middle School Science Park Tour, on October 21 and 22, was grandly launched at the National Museum of Science and Technology. At the event, there were 90 fun science game booths set up in middle schools and middle schools, covering physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, mathematics , Living application and earth science ..., etc., the content of the scientific garden tour is diverse, allowing the public to experience the fun of creativity and hand -brain and hand -made scientific activities.

nThis year's theme of the Garden Tour "Digital Science In, and play creativity". The breakthroughs are carefully planned by 90 middle schools and elementary schools participating in the registration. The stalls are brilliant, fun and rich! Teachers and students participating on the scene, adhering to the enthusiasm and creativity of service, making the current science and park break through customs clearance activities.


Number of Participants40,000

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